The Campaign for Corporate Reform

Some irresponsible players in the financial sector, and their enablers in law and government, have played a large role in financial crises from the Great Depression to the Great Recession through today. Reckless profit-seeking by Wall Street, coupled with lax governmental regulatory oversight and excessive greed, has forced destructive consequences on the rest of the country.

In the wake of mega-bailouts, taxpayers are right to demand effective consumer protection to prevent flagrant recurrences. Congress and the President must create and enforce strong financial regulatory controls to help prevent future disasters and protect taxpayers.

Three areas of initiatives are here for your consideration, click on the buttons for much more information in each initiative:

  • Multiple Corporate Reforms, including cracking down on corporate crime, ideas to curb corporate greed, CEO compensation, suggested regulations to reign in corporate power
  • Consumer Protection, including the strengthening of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and a proscription to create an Independent Financial Consumers Association, and
  • A Security Speculation Tax