Strengthening Citizen Participation In Power Since 2001


We educate about and enhance the work of existing organizations by helping to share information, build and work in coalitions, and institute improved mechanisms for activists.


We start new groups and act as a catalyst where there are too few public interest voices.


We bring new energy and support to the progressive movement by activating citizens and training the next generation of public interest advocates.

Highlights of Our Work

The People's Business

Giant corporations wield excessive influence over our lives, often with frightening consequences: environmental destruction, political corruption, increased polarization of wealth, and stagnating wages and benefits.

Fair Contracts Project is a coalition of volunteers and consumer advocates working to rebalance the power between consumers and corporations by providing education, advocacy and resources to remove unfair and harmful provisions in the fine print of boilerplate contracts.

The Progressive Reading List

Suggested books and films to increase your civic knowledge.