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Resolve To Learn More About How To Control Corporate Power

Read The People's Business to understand how corporations achieved their current privileged position (including how they came to be treated as persons with constitutional rights) and for a comprehensive approach for controlling them and restoring democracy.

The People's Business

Progressive Reading List

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Tools To Help You Win

Organizing is like a science; it is constantly being, hypothesized, tested, researched, observed, and refined. We have information suited for student/campus, neighborhood-based campaigns, and city/state/national/international issues. This material is a culmination of organizing information from various sources.

Challenging Corporate Power Handbook

Corporate Power Discussion Group Handout

Tools for Organizing

Student Campus Organizing Handbook

Neighborhood, Community, and Town Organizing Handbook

City, State, and National Organizing Handbook

We all need to be trained in the skills and tools of effective activism. To that end, Citizen Works has created a national directory that lists over 250 trainings. Find one in your issue area, contact the organization and go. You won't regret it:

National Training Directory

We're in the process of building a unique resource on the Citizen Works site, a Progressive Community Directory, which will index unions, and student groups, and other organizations across the country. Create that document for your community!

Progressive Community How to Packet

Progressive Community Directory Template

Partners In Reform

Visit the Corporate Reform Coalition for an update on the coalition of organizations working on corporate influence on elections in a post-Citizens United world.

Two major coalition efforts, with different approaches, seek to address the ramifications of the Supreme Court decision and can be found at, and

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