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Want to help build a people-powered democracy? Volunteer at Citizen Works!

Whether you are in California or DC, Maine or Oregon, a veteran organizer or a first time volunteer, Citizen Works wants your help. From social media to research assignments, Citizen Works has a variety of ongoing projects and events that could benefit from volunteer support.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our volunteer network, please visit our contact page. If you are interested in an internship, see the directions below.

Citizen Works Staff and Volunteers have fueled the public interest movement for more than a dozen years. Come work with us. We help train the next generation of public advocates.

Many of Citizen Works' former staff and volunteers have gone on to rewarding public interest careers.

Our alumni include:

  • A senior fellow at a prestigious think tank;
  • A CEO and President of a nonprofit organization;
  • Two Fulbright Scholars;
  • A public policy analyst;
  • An Equal Justice Works Fellow and co-founder of the Student Hurricane Network;
  • A research specialist and director of a corporate policy organization;
  • An assistant Attorney General in a State Antitrust division;
  • A disaster relief worker and immigration lawyer;
  • An employee of a local regulatory agency;
  • A legal intern in a national regulatory agency;
  • A lawyer at a health and research institute;
  • A law clerk at a State Court of Appeals;
  • A lawyer at a government agency;
  • A pastor;
  • A small business entrepreneur providing staffing for nonprofits & advocacy groups;
  • An immigration lawyer;
  • A senior researcher at the Rockridge Institute;
  • An electoral and political analyst;
  • A candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives; and
  • Many more.


"Interning at Citizen Works gave me the opportunity to conceptualize different citizen movements as part of a greater whole; a true movement of the people with all its interesting and varied parts." - Joshua Walker, Summer 2001 Research Intern

"Multifacted, unorthodox, and immensely rewarding, Citizen Works is a laboratory of ideas, a school of efficacy, and a springboard of action. Citizen Works allows you not only to bring your conscience to work everyday, but also frees you from the shackles of the typical 9-5 intern monotony by giving you extraordinary latitude in the execution, and even conception, of various objectives and projects. From helping strengthen the case for a state bill that would mandate plain language in consumer contracts, to creatively challenging corporate hegemony, CW is a truly enriching experience and a must stop destination for any student on the path of public interest." - Cooper Spinnelli, Spring & Summer 2012, Legal Intern

Would you like to help build a citizen-powered democracy in our country?

Citizen Works routinely seeks talented individuals with a passion for justice in either of three fields: Building Democracy, Corporate Reform initiatives and Standard Form (Boilerplate) Contract Reform. For the latter, you must be in law school, already have a law degree or possess extensive familiarity with the law of contracts, or can contribute other skills to the team's work, such as artistic, research, administrative assistance or web skills.

We seek enthusiastic students for full and part-time semester and summer-long internships for our corporate reform initiative, and to assist with media, grassroots, outreach, fundraising, research, operations, web design and social media.

Please send a cover letter and your resume to: Brian Conlon

We are also seeking energetic Law students, Recent Graduates, and Delayed-Start Associates to participate in our Fair Contracts Project Reform Team. If you want to devote your legal skills to help reform contract law, read this, visit and scroll to the bottom of this page for current and former members.

Citizen Works' Requirements

  • Passion for advancing justice and building democracy
  • Writing and research skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Personal communications skills
  • The ability to be a self-starter and complete assignments on time


  • Opportunities to work independently and with a team on exciting new projects
  • Individual training from experts
  • Interaction with a number of social justice organizations
  • An excellent recommendation for work well done

Application Process

The application process is rolling. To apply, please send:

  • Resumé; and
  • A single page statement or cover letter explaining why you want to devote a semester to building a robust, citizen-led democracy. Please also indicate which position(s) and semester you prefer (Fall, Spring, Summer).

E-mail applications and/or questions to Brian Conlon or by snail mail to:

Brian Conlon

Citizen Works

PO Box 18478

Washington, DC 20036

Corporate Reform Intern Alumni

  • Riley Cook, Kalamazoo College, '15 (Major Issues/Online Resources)
  • Melerie Michaels, University of California, Irvine, '11 (Summer Speakers Series/Executive Compensation)
  • Justin Flores, University of North Carolina-Charlotte '05 (Research/Corporate Reform Campaign)
  • Danny Friedman, American University '06 (Outreach/Corporate Reform Campaign)
  • Tyler Carr, Wabash College '06 (Research/Corporate Reform Campaign)
  • Nicholas Walker, George Mason University (Development)
  • Matthew Zawisky, State University of New York at Geneseo '01 (Grassroots Outreach)
  • Joshua Walker, McGill University '01 (Research)
  • Rob Rixmann, James Madison University '03 (Web/Media)
  • Camilla Allison, Corcoran School of Art and Design '04 (Web/Design)
  • Ali Arace, University of Maryland '02 (Operations/Research)
  • Jasmine Brown, Howard University '02 (Grassroots Outreach)
  • Katie Cafferty, William Jewell College '01 (Grassroots Outreach)
  • Kristin Killion, American University '02 (Web)
  • Patrick Hurley, George Washington University Law School '04 (Legal)
  • Deva Kyle, Georgetown University Law School '04 (Legal)
  • Carrie Timlin, University of Maryland '02, (Development)
  • Steven Weiss, Pennsylvania State University '04 (Media)
  • Brandon Wu, Yale University '03 (Research/Web)
  • Jose Monzon, New York University '05 (Grassroots Outreach)
  • Nick Turner, Georgetown University School of Public Policy '03 (Research)
  • Jes D’Ambrosio, New York University ’02 (Grassroots Outreach, Research)
  • Joel Williams, George Mason University ’04 (Research)
  • Sam Ferguson, University of California at Berkeley ’05 (Research)
  • Mark Childerhose, Spring Arbor University ’03 (Research)
  • Imad Ahmed, University of California at Berkeley ’04 (Research)
  • Minou Arjomand, Columbia University ’06 (Research)
  • John Bachir, Rice University ’03 (AIA Operations, Research)
  • Agnes Christeler, University of Denver ’04 (Research)
  • Julia Follick, Rice University ’05 (Research, Outreach, Fundraising)
  • Dan Kravetz, Macalester College ’05 (Research)

Standard Form Contracts Reform Team:

2013 Interns & Volunteers

  • Amanda Cox, John Marshall Law School (2015)
  • Mavis Feng, DePaul University School of Law (2014)
  • Christa Legette, Valparaiso University School of Law (2013)
  • Amy Taylor, John Marshall Law School (2015)
  • Samuel Winters, Northwestern University School of Law (2015)

2012 Interns & Volunteers

  • Cooper Spinelli, American University (2014)
  • Patrick Gleeson, Loyola University School of Law (2013)
  • Lyra Haas, Boston University School of Law (2014)
  • Joseph Axelrod, Loyola University School of Law (2014)

2011 Interns & Volunteers

  • Christopher Akinyemi, Volunteer
  • Erika Beer, Georgetown Law School (2013)
  • Parag Bhayani, Volunteer
  • Jason Borg, Northern Illinois University College of Law (2013)
  • Ryanne N. Bush, The John Marshall Law School (2013)
  • Eliza Clark Riffe, University of Chicago Law School (2013)
  • Patricia Hicks, Volunteer
  • Sarah Moravia, DePaul University School of Law (2012)
  • Kyra Monroe, University of San Diego School of Law (2013)
  • Valerie I Petein, Northwestern University School of Law (2012)
  • Kendall Louise Rice, The John Marshall Law School (2012)
  • Christopher J. Schad, University of Michigan Law School (2013)
  • Phillip D. Skaggs, Chicago-Kent College of Law (2012)
  • Jeff Tate, University of Chicago Law School (2013)
  • Justin P. Taylor, Loyola University School of Law/University of Michigan Law School (2013)

2010 Interns & Volunteers:

  • Students from the Harvard Law School Legislative Research Bureau/HLS Journal on Legislation
  • Steven H. Bardo,  California State University (2010)
  • Max Brauer, University of Maryland, JD/MPP (2012)
  • Hillary DeLong,Chicago Kent College of Law (2012)
  • James C. Dolbeare Jr, Chicago Kent College of Law (2011)
  • Elijah Gjeltema, NYU School of Law (2012)
  • Lindsey Goldberg, Volunteer attorney
  • Dylan Hanson, Northwestern Law (2011)
  • Paul Lee, Northwestern Law (2011)
  • Stella Lee, Northwestern Law (2011)
  • Eric Lipman, Volunteer Attorney
  • Gideon Newmark, Volunteer Attorney
  • Margot A. Nikitas, Chicago Kent College of Law (2012)
  • Lennie Sliwinksi, Cornell Law School (2011)
  • Stephen Wheeler, Northwestern School of Law (2012)

2009 Interns & Volunteers

  • Steven H. Bardo, California State University (2010)
  • Jason Dirkx, Chicago-Kent College of Law (2011)
  • Zachary Gima, Temple University Beasley School of Law (2008)
  • Lindsey Goldberg, Case Western Reserve Law (2009)
  • Robert Hebert, Georgetown Law (2011)
  • James Hooper, NYU Law (2011)
  • Addison Kim, Cornell Law (2011)
  • Chang Sik Lim, Cornell Law (2011)
  • Eric Lipman, Volunteer Attorney, NYU Law (2000)
  • Di Liu, Northwestern University School of Law (2011)
  • Wellington Lyons, Loyola University Chicago School of Law (2011)
  • Gideon Newmark, Case Western Reserve Law (2009)
  • Noah C. Samuels, Loyola University Chicago (2010)
  • Dominick Sfregola, Georgetown Law (2008)
  • James Sullivan, NYU Law (2011)
  • Xuexue Zhang, Chicago-Kent College of Law (2011)


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